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‘Our Father in Heaven’ Is Not An Introduction To The Lord’s Prayer

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.” (Matthew 6:9)

I know the Lord’s prayer since I was a kid, but there were times when I merely mumbled these words without understanding the contents of the prayer. The verse above starts the Lord’s prayer, but I recited this line as though it were an opening or introduction to the meat of the prayer. It was my version of “Dear God, how are you?

our father in heaven

Reflecting on Matthew 6:9-13 reminded me that this short phrase contains two real and very important truths:

“Our Father in heaven”

He is my Father. He opened His arms to welcome me despite my sinful and self-preserving attitude. He yearns for a relationship with me, even if at times I focus on my own strengths and skills. He forgave me of my sins, addressed my needs and concerns, and assured me of promises that He will fulfill in His perfect time. That’s probably the best definition of a Father for me.

“Hallowed be your name”

God is full of glory, majesty and holiness. His far-reaching dominion and everlasting nature is unfathomable and immeasurable, and it will take forever and eternity to understand Him completely. Chris Tiegreen said it best: “Though we may know Him deeply, we will never know Him fully.”


“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name” is not merely a “Dear God, how are you?” Rather, it’s a way of saying “God, Your glory is magnificent and vast. Thank You for calling me Your child.”

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    my favorite song and prayer <3

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