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I Am Not In Control

“Do not worry.”

These three words bring me at peace every time I read them as spoken by Jesus. I admit that my human nature leads me to worry about so many things. I want my future to be set, and all possible outcomes determined. Unfortunately, that’s not in my power to do.

Jesus is inviting me to cast away my worries. There are two things that I realized, as I read Luke 12:22-34:

I am not in control.

I can’t even control my own emotions in some cases, so how can I say that I can control other factors surrounding me? I do not know what the future holds or how people will react whenever I talk to them, so worrying about these things is pointless and meaningless. I’m just wasting my energy trying to be an ultimate solutions provider.

If only I had this for my life and future, but I don't.

If only I had this for my life and future, but I don’t.


God is in control.

He owns the universe, and has dominion over past, present and future. He knows the plans for my life (Jeremiah 29:11). He will deliver in His promises and all I need to do is to trust Him. He does not change, and therefore what He has promised me and planned for my life won’t change as well. So why should I worry, when He has complete control over my life?

As I think about the things that I worry about — financial stability, self-preservation, and uncertainty of my future — I realize that my heart is focused towards these things. And because God is after my heart, He wants me to surrender all of these things to Him. All of these worries are hindering me from witnessing God’s glory that will unfold in my situations.

Lord God, I want to be a witness to Your amazing power over my worries and concerns. I declare that You are the Lord of my heart and of every situation that I face.

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