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Hope, Patience, Prayer: Keys To My Walk Of Faith

I haven’t updated this blog for months due to a lot of things that happened in my life. In a nutshell, Leah and I are now in Metro Manila for her masters degree and for a new chapter in our life. I am breaking my blog hiatus today because I felt like I needed to share the Bible verse that I encountered this morning.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”
– Romans 12:12

The Word that I read today encapsulates the true testament of faith, and these three keys are good reminders for me as I walk on the path of God.

Be joyful in hope

This is probably one of my strongest suits. I seldom worry because I know everything is in God’s control. I may not see the future now, but I am happy that God has already planned it out. Holding on to God’s promise keeps me joyful and brimming with anticipation.

Be patient in affliction

In the past, I try to solve things on my own just to get away from difficulties. Of course, with my limited strength, I end up either frustrated or exhausted. Now, in times of difficulties and challenges, I choose to be patient. I know that these trials are part of God’s plan for me. The fact that God has allowed these things — good and bad — to happen to me gives me the patience to endure and wait.

Be faithful in prayer

“When all else fails, pray”. That was my mindset in the past, when prayer was a last resort. I learned later on that prayer is a very powerful tool because it’s my way of communicating with God. I must admit that of the three keys, this is what I should be working on. Sometimes I fall back to my old ways of doing it all by myself.

romans 12-12

For the past weeks, I have been praying to God for me to be continually hungry for His word and His presence. I’ve also been asking Him to speak to me, especially in situations of confusion and decision-making. This passion to hear His words gives me more reason to be patient, joyful, and faithful.


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    Welcome back 🙂

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