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Gratitude vs. Entitlement

Oil and water don’t mix. It’s a scientific fact that I also learned to apply in comparing worry and prayer, or doubt and faith. Today, I learned of another pair that cannot coexist in the same space: gratitude and entitlement.


Years ago, I believed in my heart that I was a good person. I was under the impression that I was able to enjoy a lot of blessings because I deserved them. If I remember it right, the words “Thank You, Lord” were not in my vocabulary at that time. As a result, I used these blessings in the wrong way to please my self. In the end, my way of thinking led me to self-destruction.

I realized then that my mindset of entitlement not only led to the lowest point in my life, but also dismissed the One who gave me all of the blessings.

Today, as I recall how much God has blessed me with so much, I think it’s only now that I’m going to thank Him — in total gratitude and amazement — for my seven memorable years in San Miguel, as well as my previous work in Cotabato Sugar Central Co., Inc. and Ateneo de Davao University. Thank You, Lord, for the immense provision, and the friendships that I was able to make.

I know now that I don’t deserve any good thing. But because Jesus placed value in me, I will be forever grateful.

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