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Connecting Two Dots Led To An Addiction

Two Dots is a smartphone puzzle game with a simple premise: Connect dots of the same color to make them disappear. The objective is to pop a quota number of dots in a specific number of turns, so you can just imagine how addicting the game could be.

I'm already in Stage 138 of Two Dots. That's how addicted I am to the game!

I’m already in Stage 138 of Two Dots. That’s how addicted I am to the game!

Leah and I had a misunderstanding last night. She asked me to update something in our DavaoBase social media account, but I said it could wait until the next day. To be honest, I was playing Two Dots while we were talking, and I found myself not being able to pull away from the game and switch windows to our FaceBook account.

I realized today that the game has become a growing addiction that is limiting me from doing other more worthwhile things. As Leah and I talked about it this morning, I was reminded that I don’t have enough power to fight off this addiction. I know I should flee from it and walk away.

Today’s Scripture (Luke 4:16-21) reminds me that Jesus is the Ultimate Liberator. Through His power, I can say “no” to this temptation. Jesus said He was sent “to proclaim freedom for the prisoners.” I admit that although I claim freedom from the penalty of my sins, I sometimes feel imprisoned by them. But right now, I am declaring that Jesus has freed me from these as well.

That is why a few minutes ago, I deleted the Two Dots game from my phone. It was difficult to do — I was already getting so good in my strategies — but I realize this game is not as important as my marriage or my faith.

I choose to find joy not in mundane things but in Christ alone. Thank You, Jesus, for reminding me about the important things in life: to connect with You and with others, and not to merely connect two dots.

you are my freedom

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