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Better Than Life

Whenever I experience something better than the usual — say, discovering a new foodie destination or enjoying an awesome movie like Heneral Luna — I tend to talk about it and share the experience with others. It’s my way of telling them to try what I have experienced so that they will also get to enjoy it themselves.

This is exactly what David described in Psalm 63:3:

“Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.” (Psalm 63:3)

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God’s love is so amazing, radical, overwhelming and fulfilling, that David cannot help but glorify God through his words. That’s how I want to share the Gospel: with excitement and a fulfilled experience that overflows through my words to the people that I encounter. I want my words to speak God and His unfailing love.

Psalm 63:3 has injected newfound passion and exhilaration to share the Gospel more. God’s love has done so many wonderful things to me, and as a result, my heart overflows with words that come out of my mouth.

Father God, may my lips never fail to acknowledge Your great love.

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